About Us

Here you will find a collection of articles about the various ways and events we believe are useful for team building within businesses. We have begun by sharing some of the reasons we why see teambuilding as beneficial for companies and their employees.

Expanding on this, we include some common exercises and activities we feel are both useful and enjoyable for companies looking to work on greater harmony among their staff, such as paintballing and bubble ball. We have information on paintballing as a great competitive activity full of challenges we believe will help create stronger bonds among employees whilst bringing out that individual killer instinct. There is also information explaining a little about one of the newest growing sports, Bubble Ball, which is guaranteed to provide fun for all.

If you are convinced or intrigued by the information included here, there is also a section providing information and advice on how to proceed and organise events for your own staff.

Likewise, we have included information on horse riding as a potential activity for businesses looking to improve staff relations and performance. Horse riding is a physically challenging and, for newcomers, often intimidating activity. However, we feel the chance for staff to support and encourage each other to overcome these obstacles, as well as the personal challenges faced by individuals helps to create confidence in employees, a confidence we believe is carried over into the work environment.

We regularly prepare events and have displayed here information on some of our upcoming programme. One section is dedicated to what we feel is bound to be the event of the busy summer season, while another gives a little bit of information about one event in particular, which we have designated the event of the year. Similarly, you will find here details of an upcoming event at the casino, further showcasing the range of activities.