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Mobile Casino Hire

An alternative to hiring out an entire casino is a mobile casino hire. In that case, you provide the venue and a hire company provides gaming tables and experienced croupiers to run them for a set duration. The service includes

Corporate Cycling Events

Few things build team spirit as much as physical exertion, so sports matches and events are popular ways for achieving this. This might mean a football or cricket match, but an increasingly

Hosting an Event at the Casino

Hosting events at a casino is becoming ever more popular every year. The wide range of services on offer can reduce a lot of the logistics needed when organising any type of event and in doing so, can help reduce

The Best invitations for your Event

The invitations for your event are likely to be the first point of contact with your audience

Wine and Food Events

Wine and food events have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years and, in our opinion, can serve to be a great and enjoyable way for a business or charity to raise awareness about a product or cause, or

Fashion Events around the World

The ‘world’ of fashion is just that. A truly global industry it has proven continously attractive to customers and businesses