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How to Make your Event Epic


Making your event ‘epic’ and not just ‘great’ is going to require that extra bit of effort and creativity. Now, let’s say you have prepared everything to the best level possible, everything is time managed to the minute and you

Five Reasons Why Events Fail


Having invested the time and money into organising an event nothing can be worse than having it fail in achieving its purpose. Below we discuss the five most common reasons for an event to fail: Concept: It is crucial to

How to use Social Media for Hosting a Better Event

Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of using social media when trying to host a better event is that of marketing. The increasing incorporation of social media in people’s everyday lives gives businesses direct access to a staggering amount of people

A Successful Customer Event


Hosting customer events remains an excellent way for a business to communicate with and expand upon its customer base. In a world saturated with digital advertising and communication, an event catering to customers can allow businesses to meet face-to-face with

How to Host the Perfect Business Event


Hosting the perfect business event will depend on many different factors, but with some good organisation and preperation it should lead to an increase in business, boost your reputation and create new relationships. Think carefully about the target audience for

How to Become an Event Manager


With the ever increasing popularity of events there has never been a better time to start a career in event management. Just what you will need in order to do the job will depend on the type of events you