Corporate Cycling Events

Few things build team spirit as much as physical exertion, so sports matches and events are popular ways for achieving this. This might mean a football or cricket match, but an increasingly popular sport in Britain and Ireland is cycling. In recent years, British and Irish cyclists have enjoyed great success in all forms of international racing
But cycling isn’t only for pros and top
amateurs; it’s a great way of improving fitness no matter where you’re starting from or who you are. It’s also exhilarating: “the closest you can get to flying”, as the late Robin Williams once said.

With all this in mind, numerous companies now offer to host corporate cycling events. This might involve anything from a one-day ride across countryside to a multi-stage European tour to riding a purpose-built cycling track. Mountain biking is another possibility for those that fancy some off-road action.

Although you could organise such an event yourself, it’s not quite as simple as it might seem. A specialist company will have experience in the various aspects involved. Typically, a cycling event package will include the following:

*Liaison with local councils taken care of for larger events;
*Staff experienced in cycling events and support;
*Risk assessment and full insurance;
*Qualified first aid personnel available throughout the ride;
*Mechanical support (bikes fixed or swapped if they develop problems);
*Traffic management where necessary;
*Refreshment pit-stops at the start, finish, and sometimes along the way;
*Post-ride hygiene facilities such as showers and clean towels;
*Post-ride catering.

Perhaps you’ve seen celebrity cycling challenges on TV, which typically involve collective training for a long ride. It’s noticeable that the shared experience brings all types of people together in support of one another. For a fun way of breaking down barriers, there are few activities better than cycling, and it’s arguably less male-oriented than some other sports.