Fashion Events around the World

catwalk2The ‘world’ of fashion is just that. A truly global industry it has proven continously attractive to customers and businesses worldwide due in part to the glitz and glamour.
It involves an outstanding amount of money, not just in terms of its products, but for the number of services and contracts involved in preparing and hosting the annual events held around the world.

Hosting events in order to support the launch of new products is a vital component in assuring their success. The events provide an opportunity for designers and labels to present their latest products in person to a selected group of clients and associates and, due to the often large media presence, allow for extensive publicity. This is a great way to reinforce and build on an existing brand image and make new connections with potential customers.

The global market for many of the products requires that these events take place in key places throughout the world, such as New York, Paris, London and this further enables the businesses and customers, as well as event organisers and services, to network and promote themselves to a much wider audience. It is common to host these events according to the calender of seasonal catalogue releases, for example, the spring/summer and autumn/winter catalogues.

For smaller fashion businesses, hosting in-store events can be a great way to attract potential customers to their location and display the latest products on offer. Traditional and more digital marketing will help boost the reach of the event while maintaining a sense of exclusivity.

Cooperation between several smaller brands when organising events can also be extremely beneficial in this sense. The exchange of products to be displayed at events in different smaller venues across the world, and the presence of the designers themselves has the potential to increase brand awareness and reach. This personal approach can create strong business ties between smaller brands and allow them to share a customer base in a mutually beneficial manner.