Horse Riding for Fun

horse_riding1While horse riding may not necessarily be a team focused exercise in the same way as some of the other activities mentioned here, we do feel it can still be useful in building better team relations, as well as helping build on the personal characteristics of individual members of staff.

Horse riding comes in many different varieties, from the simple and sublime trot along the beach to the more extreme cross country trek. Whatever the variation, it can be both extremely daunting and sometimes dangerous, especially for those who have never done it before or may not have had any particular contact or experience with animals.

On a team level, being placed in any daunting or unfamiliar situation can serve to bring out the best and the worst of people, just as we all know can happen in the standard office environment. However, with a potentially new activity like horse riding, there is a greater likelihood that several members of the team will have one thing in common; they do not have any experience of the activity and so, find themselves in the same daunting situation and this is where we believe horse riding is very useful. Members of staff may help and encourage one another to overcome their individual personal fears and problems while trying to achieve one common goal (to ride the horse!), building on self-confidence and even further, the confidence they have in one another.

This opportunity for each individual to face up to a new challenge and overcome it is, in our opinion, another great advantage of horse riding as an activity for office staff. Staff can learn something new, take a break from the office environment and try something new. They can face new challenges and in the process find any potential weaknesses they may have, eventually working to overcome them, an ability perhaps crucial in any work situation. Plus, it’s fun!