How to Become an Event Manager

6b152ef2d006777bf4879a851d53a89cdc8fb26804b74f7e34bbaf858b716819_largeWith the ever increasing popularity of events there has never been a better time to start a career in event management. Just what you will need in order to do the job will depend on the type of events you want to organise and who you will be organising them for.

For non-corporate events there is no real need to have a specific education or training in event management (though we believe it is always beneficial) and your success will depend largely on the skills you possess. Key skills for an event manager should include great organisational ability, time management, as well as good communication and people skills.

The success of an event will depend upon you being able to effectively manage a large number of people and create and maintain good relationships with them. Likewise, you will need to be able to manage both your own time and that of other people and communicate instructions clearly and precisely to avoid any potential misunderstandings and ensure everything goes to plan.

For corporate event management things are a little more complicated. Firstly, we recommend that you possess some kind of degree and/or diploma in event management or a similar subject such as tourism, as well as some experience. Many businesses rely on events to promote products or services and in doing so are putting their reputation and public image on the line, so they often look for those people who are professionaly trained and can be trusted to, not only organise the perfect event, but maintain and enhance their reputation.

One good option for those looking to start a career in event management would be to look for an apprenticeship or internship in a company dedicated to organising events whilst sudying a course in the same subject. This will allow you to maximise your progress and experience in a shorter period of time and lead to greater job prospects.