How to Create the Perfect Event

essential_event_planning_checklistCreating the perfect event will depend on many different factors, but perhaps most important will be the organisation and preparation and, of course, ensuring you have the best organiser possible.

While it may seem straightforward at first glance, creating and organising is a complicated task and in order to create the perfect event, we feel it is important to bare in mind the audience for which you are catering and think a little about about the emotional side of things.

Now, serious and precise planning is essential in creating the perfect event. Things must move smoothly throughout, with special attention paid to ensuring no small details are left out; it is these small details afterall which can make or break an event. However, let’s talk the emotional side.

Have you ever been to an event and left thinking ‘now that was a wonderful event!’, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on just what made it so? We feel that taking into account feelings, such as fun, is easily forgotten in the process of preparing an event and this can lead to an event feeling ordinary, mechanical or even boring. Incorporating some element of fun into an event is a sure way to engage with people, create a better environment during the event and leave longer lasting memories. As with learning in school, or the team building exercises we discuss elsewhere, as human beings we enjoy fun things and we are more likely to remember them.

Similarly, we believe that incorporating an element of surprise or suspense can help build anticipation around an event and create greater involvement with the guests. Special surprise guests and secret announcements could be useful devices to get people talking before the event and convince anyone who might be unsure about going that they would crazy not to.

We believe that these techniques will, on the whole, help create more of a connection between guests and the event, making them feel welcome and encouraging them to participate and enjoy themselves.