How to Find a Good Event Coordinator

d2q82-event_coordinator_3If you have taken the time to think about hiring an event coordinator and have decided to spend the money in order to achieve the ideal event, then it is well worth taking some time to think about just what makes a GOOD event organiser. We know that planning a big company event is not an easy task but, it is important to remember that company events can be the ideal situation to help sell and project the image of the company or spread news about projects and products, so it is crucial to get the correct organiser for the job.

If you do not have a dedicated event organiser on staff, then there are many external options which may be better than deligating the task to a member of staff who may already have a full workload and so will be unable to dedicate the time and energy needed to create a good event. Here are a few key things to look for, in our opinion, when chosing an event organiser:

  • Organisation and time management: with so many pieces to the jigsaw of an event it is crucial the event organiser has great organisational skills in order to keep track of every piece and make sure they all fit together perfectly. Afterall, loose track of one piece of the puzzle and you won’t get the complete picture at the end! Likewise, besides managing their own timescale, the organiser must be able to efficiently manage the schedule of everyone involved in the event, from caterers to guest speakers, everything must run like clockwork.
  • People and communication skills: Given the amount of people involved in a successful event and the need to manage time effectively, it is crucial the organiser be able to communicate efficiently with many types of people and give clear and concise instructions to all involved. This will avoid misunderstandings and ensure the smooth running of an event.
  • Passion: Planning is hard work and the desire to produce the best event possible may well be the deciding factor in ensuring the end result is nothing short of spectular.