How to Make your Event Epic

Epic-events-LOGO-4Making your event ‘epic’ and not just ‘great’ is going to require that extra bit of effort and creativity. Now, let’s say you have prepared everything to the best level possible, everything is time managed to the minute and you have thought of every smallest possible detail beforehand (it is these small details afterall which seperate the best from the rest), what next?

Emotional organisation. Have you thought about the feelings of your guests during your event? Are they going to get bored within 30 minutes? Are they going to feel like you don’t really care about them? We feel that the feelings of a guest are easily forgotten in the process of organising an event and this can very easily lead to an event feeling mechanical and boring or even isolate some guests.

Everybody wants to feel special and so, incorporating some degree of individualism into your event can be a good idea. Including an element of surprise or suspense in your event can help build anticipation around it and more importantly, create greater involvement with the guests. The more guests feel directly involved in an event, the more they feel the event is for THEM.

Certain aspects, such as special surprise guests and secret announcements could also be useful devices to get people talking before the event and help them feel involved, as well as possibly convincing anyone who might be unsure about going that they would be crazy not to.

Fun is another vital aspect of any epic event. We all remember fun ocassions more than we do boring ones. Incorporating fun activities into your event or giving guests the opportunity to enjoy themselves in non-conventional ways can be a great path to further involvement with the event and it is likely to leave people talking about your event for years to come.