How to Play Bubble Ball

o-BUBBLE-BALL-VANCOUVER-facebookWe have found Bubble Ball to be another great, fun way for teams of colleagues from whatever work situation to partake in teambuilding. Bubble Ball (also known as Loopyball in Germany or Bubble Football elsewhere in Europe) is a fairly recent game rapidly growing in popularity. It originally began as joke invented and filmed by sport journalists, but has become increasingly popular due to its fun nature and a number of places now offer the chance for people to try it out.

Bubble Ball combines (zorbing) and traditional football for a distinct alternative sport and one which we feel perfectly combines elements of competition and fun to create a great team building activity suitable for employees from any working environment. Moreover, bubble ball can be played on multiple surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The thick plastic ball is durable and resistant to most weather conditions, making it ideal for extreme sports as well as leisure time activities. Even if you’re only into lighthearted fun, such as iphone slots, bubble ball will suit you too.

While traditional Zorbing tends to consist in one person entering a full-body ball, usually made of transparent plastic, and rolling down a hill, bubble ball has adapted the concept in order to combine it with the objectives of traditional football.

In this sense, as with traditional football, the objective in bubble ball is to score by getting the ball into the opposing team’s goal, but with one difference. The use of the zorb makes life a bit more interesting and fun as it allows and encourages players to try to knock down the opposite team in the process of scoring. The inflatable balls prevent the players from using their arms, but obviously, allow for free movement of the legs.

Similarly, they remove the possibility of players injuring themselves during the game, leaving the players free to let loose all of that stress and tension we know can build up during the long office hours. The team-based nature of the sport gives the chance to build on the ability to work competently as a team in a mix of zany fun and competition.