Paintball with the Office

who-owns-sharepoint1In recent years, many companies have begun to pay more and more attention to the possibilities and benefits to be found in organising and participating in team building exercises outside of the traditional office environment. One particular activity which has proven consistently popular with staff is paintball.

If you are not familiar with paintball, let us give you a little more information. The game first started back in the 1980s and consists in any number of war-like scenarios in which two or more teams try to eliminate each other using weapons firing paint-filled gel pellets or ‘bullets’. Players try to eliminate each other from the game buy shooting at their opponents who, once hit, have to surrender and leave the game until the following round. Since its initial inception paintball has grown rapidly in popularity and is now played worldwide at every level, including professional competitions.

Playing paintball with the staff from your office can prove extremely beneficial in a number of ways. We believe that the team based nature of the game and the need to work well together in order to win can be directly translated to most office situations but, the fun nature of paintball allows for a different, more detached way for colleagues to work through any potential problems and come together.

Similarly, as with any team sport, there is a certain element of individuality involved and the necessity to implement personal strongpoints or face up to, and overcome, any potential personal weaknesses. We feel that these will in the longrun lead to stronger and more confident workers.

Paintball can also give the opportunity for staff to work through any problems which may exist within the office power structure or simply reinforce and build upon it. As with any team based exercise, leaders are bound to emerge from the crowd whilst others may shy away from responsibilities. Paintball provides an alternative way in which to work through this.