The Best invitations for your Event

invitations_d8The invitations for your event are likely to be the first point of contact with your audience, so it is especially important you consider the design carefully when creating them and think who they will be sent to. The quality and quantity of your guests may well make or break your event, so if you hope to attract the best guests possible you will have to create the appropriate invitations. You are unlikely to attract a specific, high calibre guest by sending out poorly designed, basic flyers which look like adverts for a take away restaurant.

Choosing the correct format when making your event invitations and creating the best ones you can will depend, to some extent, on who your target audience is as well as obvious factors such as budget. We suggest you establish a clearly defined audience for your event and cater your invitations to their interests, paying attention at the same time to the final purpose of your event and the company image you hope to maintain or achieve.

In terms of numbers, it is recommendable to invite two or three times as many people as you can accommodate for in the actual event. The amount will depend on whether the event you are hosting is free to attend or requires payment. People live ever busier lives and can be somewhat fickle when faced with the large offer of events and activities available, especially in a big city. Inviting a larger number of guests than you think will attend increases the chance of a full event. It is almost guaranteed that a large percentage of those who RSVP that they will attend, will actually not do so and this number is likely to increase if the event is not free.

We suggest that you utilise all the social media that you can. If you already have a digital presence on sites such as Facebook and Twitter then you should use them to maximise the reach for your event and provide more details of what to expect than you are perhaps capable of putting in a physical invitation.