Wine and Food Events

accent-on-wine-wine-and-food-tastingWine and food events have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years and, in our opinion, can serve to be a great and enjoyable way for a business or charity to raise awareness about a product or cause, or simply for a group of friends to learn about different wines and have some fun.

For many businesses they may offer a great way to meet and engage with customers face-to-face on a small scale. This personal approach to events and interaction with customers offers huge advantages in terms of customer loyalty and appreciation. Wine and food events also have the added advantage of offering a flexibility not necessarily present in many, more traditional activities.

With such a large number of businesses offering complete packages for wine tastings (some with food and some without) which can be contracted and presented as part of an event you are already planning, or hosted as stand alone events. It may be a good means of promoting new products to customers outside of the usual environment, particularly if the product you are hoping to promote or inform customers about is related in any way to the food, drink or hospitality industries.

Dedicated food events can be a wonderful chance to diversify your potential customer base or help create a sense of exclusivity around your brand or product. Contracting a highly respected chef or kitchen and making it the centre point of an event can be a great way to get people talking and will help create a buzz around your business or product as well as helping build strong business relationships.

We also recommend hosting food events with a diverse range of food on offer as another great way to maximise the potential guests and open up many possible new connections with businesses already catering to a market which may be very different to your own.